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Many cataract patients and their doctors choose to upgrade to one of our many high technology lenses that can provide a full range of vision, from near to distant. These highly advanced lenses can potentially eliminate a patient’s dependence on glasses.

At Cataract Consultants, we utilize several advanced technologies and special intraocular lenses, which can correct many vision problems. Some of the issues these lenses improve include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, night vision, or the need for reading glasses or bifocals.

Advanced technology lenses. 

Following a patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Harris will determine which lens is right for them and their vision goals. Some of our lens options include:

  • Monofocal Lens

Traditional intraocular lenses are monofocal, meaning they only correct the problems associated with cataracts while not addressing additional visual impairment issues but provide patients with improved distance vision.

  • Extended Depth of Focus Lens

An Extended Depth of Focus Lens provides a continuous range of high-quality vision – from near to far and points in between and may reduce the frequency of wearing glasses.

  • Toric Astigmatism Correcting Lens

For patients with astigmatism, in addition to having a cataract, Dr. Harris will replace the cloudy cataract with a Toric lens. This uniquely designed lens can reduce or possibly eliminate corneal astigmatism following surgery.

  • Multifocal Lens

For patients with a cataract plus issues with near- or farsightedness, difficulty reading, or requiring bifocals, Dr. Harris will replace the cloudy cataract with a multifocal lens. This multifocal lens is designed to provide the patient with a range of vision requiring less dependency upon glasses.

  • Limbal Relaxing Incisions

For patients with astigmatism. Performed during or after the cataract surgery to reduce astigmatism that will cause blurred vision after cataract surgery.

Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery.

In addition to high technology lenses, at Cataracts Consultants we are pleased to offer high technology bladeless surgery.

While our eyes all share the same basic anatomy, your eyes are totally unique when it comes to their size, depth, curvature, and other key features.  The LenSx® Laser technology allows Dr. Harris to plan and perform a procedure that is completely customized for each patient’s individual eye.

The LenSx® Laser is breakthrough technology because it is designed to offer:

  • A bladeless procedure that is personalized to your eyes.
  • Precise, reproducible performance.
  • Enhanced control and efficiency.
  • A customized procedure planned and performed for you by Dr. Harris.

The technology behind the LenSx® Laser captures high-resolution images of each patient’s eyes. These images yield precise measurements and data that help Dr. Harris plan and perform a procedure to exacting specifications

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High technology and superior treatment from a local surgeon.

Cataract surgery technology and techniques have advanced vastly in recent years, resulting in improved safety, comfort, and outcomes. Dr. Laura Harris and her team are equipped with the best and latest technology in cataract surgery and eye care so you can feel confident sending your patients our way.

Together, we will get your patients one step closer to a fuller and brighter life by connecting them with the Wilmington area’s top cataract surgeon. Dr. Harris and her highly trained team have a mission to rejuvenate their patient’s vision. At Cataracts Consultants, our goal is simple – we want to improve our patient’s quality of life by providing specific vision care suited uniquely to each individual. No one patient is the same; therefore, our approach to maintaining eye and vision health is as individualized as they are!

The patients you refer to Cataract Consultants will receive a definitive diagnosis, high-quality care, and superior surgical treatment of cataracts and other related eye conditions. You will rest easy knowing your patients are in good hands!

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Eye Care Treatments

A routine eye exam, performed by a primary eye care doctor, will reveal if a cataract is present. The primary eye care doctor can refer you to Dr. Harris for a comprehensive cataract evaluation at which time she will offer her expert opinion for treatment options.

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